In the years that I have used the services of Sagittarius for my clients, I have received consistently professional, timely and cutting-edge service with unwavering attention to ensuring my clients’ 100% satisfaction – no matter what it takes.

Working with Levy Meir gives one the additional benefit of working with one of the country’s leading experts in fully customized projects and high end technologies and materials as well. I would compare it to having your own in-house highly specialized business development team, but without the associated overheads!

Levy and his team are a joy to work with and often a project which a client brings to me will start off with one primary benefit but with the insight of Levy and his team, the client will uncover either additional potential revenue streams or increased levels of service for the end-user. Sagittarius is like an Interactive solutions think tank. I always know that they are up on all that is available in the market place and will offer my clients the most appropriate and cost-sensitive solution to fit their project needs.

Finally, and in my opinion, most importantly, I can count on the complete integrity of Levy and Sagittarius in everything that they do. I recommended them without reservation