Tailored business development services for foreign and Israeli companies wishing to penetrate new markets.


Among our most popular services:

Selling or buying products and services

Identifying strategic clients

Scouting for innovative solutions

Cutting edge technologies transfer

B2B matchmaking

Joint Ventures and projects

Seeking R&D partners

Investment opportunities

Our services include several steps we believe could bring you to your business targets:

About us

Sagittarius is a boutique business development company established in 2013.

We specialize in facilitating business partnerships, strategic collaborations, R&D, technology transfer, JVs and commercial collaborations between Israeli and foreign companies.
We offer tailor made services both for Israeli and foreign companies wishing to start and expand their international commercial activities.
Sagittarius provides ‘one-stop-shop’ services to its customers which include the entire necessary platform and business environment required for penetrating the defined market.
We create to each company the unique ‘suit’ to meet its business needs and requirements.
Our activity focusses in representinting private companies, governmental organizations and academic institutes mainly from Europe and Asia.

Matchmaking and networking is our expertise!

B2B meetings
business development hours
successful match making
partners and Affiliates

Package Deals

We have created several business packages that are most popular among our clients. We believe that within these packages you will find just the right formula to meet your company's needs, but if needed, we are always happy to tailor a package that will meet your specific needs


1) Business Development Services for 12 months
This package includes the entire set of services described in the Services page, for a period of 12 months.

2) Business Development Services for 6 months
This package includes the entire set of services described in the Services page, for a period of 6 months.


1) Feasability Study for 1 month
This package includes “Preliminary Feasability Check” services for the preparation of a market entry assessment report.

2) Feasabilty Study for 3 months
This package includes “Deeper Feasability Study” services to identify maximum potential clients and partners.


1) Standard Meetings
This package includes organizing business meetings with local companies and visits in their offices/facilities. Furthermore, we could offer participation in trade fairs and professional conventions if avialable at the time and location of the trip.

2) VIP Meeting Package  *** THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE ***
From the moment you will land in Israel until you fly back home, the Sagittarius team will take care of you. The VIP services include: Setting business meetings, visit companies and authorities, participation at relevant conventions and trade fairs, hotel booking, full transportation, escort to meetings, dining and sightseeing.


1) Local representative/agent in all respects
The Sagittarius team will seek and engage clients, partners, business opportunities and relevant projects for your products/services.

2) Representation at trade fairs
Advising on preparations to the event, providing logistic support, coordination of meetings and physical representation at the event.


1) For Investors
Identifying local hi-tech companies and promising startups seeking investment or acquisition.

2) For Companies
Seeking investors to invest in your company’s technology, product or services, as well as in your company’s internationalization and marketing process.


With years of hands-on experience and a wide network of contacts we supply business development services to foreign companies looking for technological and industrial collaborations at the following fields

Defense and Aerospace

Homeland Security

Life Science


Nano Technology & Advanced Materials

Energy, Water and Cleantech



Partners and Clients


  • We collaborated with Sagittarius in different frame, always appreciating the outstanding professional behavior, the empathy in understandingthe need of the customer, the capability of supporting the commercial businesses and the extent of its professional network.We consider Sagittarius a fundamental partner to work in the Israel market

    Prof. Daniele Pavarin, partner at T4I
  • In the years that I have used the services of Sagittarius for my clients, I have received consistently professional, timely and cutting-edge service with unwavering attention to ensuring my clients’ 100% satisfaction – no matter what it takes.

    Working with Levy Meir gives one the additional benefit of working with one of the country’s leading experts in fully customized projects and high end technologies and materials as well. I would compare it to having your own in-house highly specialized business development team, but without the associated overheads!

    Levy and his team are a joy to work with and often a project which a client brings to me will start off with one primary benefit but with the insight of Levy and his team, the client will uncover either additional potential revenue streams or increased levels of service for the end-user. Sagittarius is like an Interactive solutions think tank. I always know that they are up on all that is available in the market place and will offer my clients the most appropriate and cost-sensitive solution to fit their project needs.

    Finally, and in my opinion, most importantly, I can count on the complete integrity of Levy and Sagittarius in everything that they do. I recommended them without reservation

    Roberto Oppio, CEO, BD Consulting
  • “Mr. Meir Levy is a person who has a goal oriented mind set. He knows how to plan and work strategically whenever I ask for support.
    I always feel better to work with him because he always guides me the best road with his strong navigation which is based on his broad and deep experience in the field.”

    Brian Kim
    Team Manager, Strategy & Planning Team, KORIL-RDF Representative, Global Tech Business Center(GTBC) Israel

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